Chuck Norris Wants to Go All Kung-Fu on Mitt Romney

Typical republican politics at its best:
Introducing Huckabee at a pancake house this morning, Norris jokingly threatened violence. He said if he were Huckabee and someone tried to mischaracterize his record -- as Huckabee said Romney did in last night's Fox News debate -- he'd take him out, kung-fu-style.

"In these debates . . . if you say the wrong thing, they're going to crucify you," Norris said. "Or if a guy says the wrong thing about you and you respond, they'll crucify you anyway. I don't have the skin for it. . . . The first time the guy started saying the things they say to Mike Huckabee, I'd be choking him unconscious. That's what I would have done last night."

Sounds like a B-movie that could become a Republican cult classic.


Faded said...

I think we all know the only thing Huck's choking unconscious...

Connecticut Man1 said...