Canadian Courts on American Torture Policies

The Canadian courts don't seem to think too highly of the American torture of prisoners:
The Federal Court of Canada Thursday struck down a refugee agreement [judgment, PDF] between Canada and the US, noting that the US does not meet international refugee protection requirements or respect international conventions against torture. Justice Michael Phelan essentially nullified the 2004 Safe Third Country Agreement , which barred foreign refugees who first arrived in the US from seeking refugee status in Canada and vice versa. Phelan noted that the US has not been compliant with the Refugee Convention or the UN Convention Against Torture. The court also held that the agreement discriminates against refugees based on how they first arrived in Canada and thus violates Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms .

The nullification of the agreement will likely result in Canada processing thousands more refugees each year. The US and Canadian governments have until January 14 to file an appeal. CTV News has more. [The National Post] has additional coverage.
This ought to make the crowd that wrapped themselves in faded flags feel pretty good about what they have accomplished under the criminal bush administration. This is the world view of America that you have created and supported.
Washington State Democratic Central Committee Passed Bush-Cheney Impeachment Resolution

Resolution Pertaining to Investigation and Impeachment Proceedings for George Bush and Dick Cheney

WHEREAS, there are already known and admitted illegal and impeachable actions on the part of George W. Bush, some examples being, in broad outline:

a) unlawful wire-tapping of American citizens,
b) deliberate manipulation of intelligence reports for the purpose of starting a war,
c) deliberate violations of international treaties pertaining to acts of war,
d) deliberate violations of international treaties pertaining to prisoners of war,
e) deliberate violations of constitutional rights provided in the Bill of Rights;

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Yeah... Impeach them.


Unknown said...

yet the torture continues because those in charge either don't give a flying yoo hoo, OR don't have enough stones to make it stop. i'm embarrassed (and of course outraged)

Connecticut Man1 said...

Everyone that was in a position of power to stop this should be embarrassed. This is a court of law - from one of our closest allies over the years - accepting as fact that America tortures.

You, personally, have no reason to be embarrassed. You can only do what you can do. You have been against all of the criminal acts, and vocal about it all, from the moment you knew, and you have tried to change the politics of all of this. In the Nuremberg trials after WWII, likely, that would have been more than enough to get you off the hook.