Washington DC turning away protest buses

Some information you may need to know before taking your bus to Washington:
Robert just called home and asked me to post a warning on he site for any of you coming into Washington for the demonstrations this weekend. Has Washington closed it's doors to the public? Well at least the ones on buses. You're not welcome, that is, unless they know you're coming.

Washingon D.C. has passed an ordinance that took effect on the first of August that requires buses to have a permit to enter the district. All buses that are coming into the district for the demonstrations are either being turned away or fined $500. There is afee of $50 for a 6 day permit to enter the city with a charter bus. Robert asked my to pass along the information for anyone who may be coming inot the city wither this weekend or next.

I phoned the Washing D.C. tourism bureau and they were kind enough to direct me to the District Department of Motor Vehicles website.
Apparently if you took one of the Answer coalition buses (there were 3 leaving from Connecticut last I checked) you should be OK as they were aware of the fee, but some buses have been turned away or fined.

If you are planning on taking a bus for DC activities later on this week take note:
Ordering a Trip Permit

A trip permit may be obtained from any of the three sources below
  • Online Trip Permit Processing (Credit Card Only)
  • Print & Fax or Email Processing - Please print, complete and fax/email the Trip Permit Application* with a $50 check or money order, made payable to “DC Treasurer” to the DMV address on the application.
  • TRANSMIT AMERICA - Please visit their website for more information. (Trip permits are available for Trucks only)
Processing Time: All requests will be processed within 24 to 48 hours upon the receipt of payment and application.

This is a sad statement on the loss of freedoms in this country, and just how far bush wing-nuts will go to quell dissent.


fuzzyturtle said...

I'm not surprised for some reason.. what a Bushlike thing to do. :(

I was THISCLOSE to going, I was going to meet my niece and some of her friends in Richmond (they live in VA) but it was her mom's birthday (my sister) so we had to cancel. Would have been a good weekend for it too..!!

I do know some folk that made it, but they were affiliated with a group (they were bussing in from WV)

Connecticut Man1 said...

I would have loved to have gone, but the schedule (and the money!) just doesn't allow for a trip to DC.