Funding Iraq occupation equals killing the troops

Killing the troops based on a pack of neoconservative republicans' lies... How many unnecessary deaths of American soldiers did your Senator or Representative buy last session?

And is Congress planning on buying more to add to their morbid collection?
Iraq Coalition Casualties:

6 6673857103.26218
5 93332209852.39412
4 71513187462.35318
3 58025276322.93216
2 71827598041.9424
1 1403301734.0243
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And how do Iraqis feel about all of this?

The Iraqi newspaper, Azzaman, in a blistering editorial bluntly told Prime Minister Maliki he was “in total denial about the daily killings, the uprooting of millions of Irqaqis, the impoverishment of almost the whole country and even the imminent imploding of a whole nation.” The editorial noted Maliki on assuming office had promised to reach out to all factions, but has completely failed to take such action.

Unlike President Bush in Washington D.C., the editors of Azzaman live in daily contact with the Maliki mess.
"This is the reason why our prime minister’s conscience is in total denial of the astronomical figures of civilian casualties and millions of refugees who have fled the country or are languishing in camps inside it."

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