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Take note fellow Bloggers:
Blogger and malware

You may have seen stories in the news recently about malware on Blogger, such has this one from the BBC or this one from Committee to Protect Bloggers. Blogger was not compromised. Instead, the blog posts are from bloggers whose machines were compromised by a Trojan horse. These bloggers had their mail2blogger email addresses in their computers' address books (a perfectly legitimate use case), so when the malicious software spammed every address in their address book with its content, a copy of that email was posted to their blog.

We are in the process of notifying impacted bloggers and recommending that they scan their computers and run current anti-virus software, available in the Google Pack. This is also good advice for all computer users, especially those who may have clicked the links in the emails sent by the virus. For more information about computer security, check out upenn.edu and us-cert.gov.

Watch for notices coming your way if you use Blogger. Take note, and take care to update and run your spyware and firewalls. Also: As soon as you run them you might just want to take the precaution of changing your passwords. It is something that I have learned firsthand needs to be done regularly. My Blog was hijacked once, but I caught it before any serious damage was done.

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