Via GreyHawk at ePM:
I'll keep this simple. There is no way to "win" when there is no game afoot -- a crime cannot be "won." It can only be "gotten away with" or stopped.

Our involvement in Iraq is a crime, not a war. It is not an attempt to bring democracy, nor an attempt to free the Iraqi people, nor an attempt to remove WMDs. It never was. Those were just the attempts to put an acceptable face on it, in order to provide justification for the most abominable, bold-faced and heinous crime of the twenty-first century.

For those who are in a position and who have the responsibility to act to end this, there is only thing to remember:

You don't "win" a crime.

You can stop it, or you are complicit in and an accessory to the crime.

Go on and read the rest. Even if you can't win a war crime, it is just as hard to get Congress to admit that they are accessories in bushies war crimes as long as they continue to fund this illegal invasion and occupation in Iraq.

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