Joe Lieberman Filibusters Our Troops

Joe neocon LIEberman gives us a headzup on his part in the FILIBUSTER of Jim Webb's bill which would have guarenteed our deployed soldiers the R&R time that President Bush denies them:

Here is a little heads up on what the soldiers think of your way of supporting the troops, Joe:
Spc. Vassell, 2nd Platoon Apache Company Strykers:

"I challenge anybody in Congress to do my rotation. They don't have to do anything, just come hang out with me and go home at the times I go home. And come stay here fifteen months with me."
Guardian has a new video linked on their front page, that covers events on and after May 19, 2007. It's a Flash 8 and takes a minute or two to load.
Spc. Vassell, 2nd Platoon Apache Company Strykers:

"We're supposed to be on the way home right now. We were supposed to be flying home in six days. Six days. But because we have people up there in Congress with the brain of a two-year old who don't know what they're doing. They don't experience it. I, I challenge the President or whoever has us here for fifteen months to ride along, alongside me. I'll do another fifteen months if he comes out here and rides along with me every day for fifteen months. I'll do fifteen more months. They don't even have to pay me extra. I just want him to come out here and ride with me another fifteen months."

The politicians all sit there in their cushy offices or their comfy little places on the floor of the House, The Senate, and in the White House. They do not have a fucking clue what they are doing to the soldiers. They do not have a fucking clue how stressed out the military is. How the policies they are all pushing for are breaking the military.

YOU all say YOU support the troops. What a fucking load of crap. If YOU aren't there in Iraq along side them in this endless war that YOU support...

Don't ever fucking tell me YOU support the troops.

That goes for all of you war cheerleaders, Republican and Democratic party alike, that continue to fund this endless disaster. The same thing goes for all of you keyboard and armchair warriors that cheer on the occupation of Iraq but are too hypocritical to spill your own blood in Iraq's desert sands.

H/T Lithiumcola at The Booman Tribune.

and Via the NY Times:
More soldiers and their families are speaking up against the Iraq occupation.

sptmck at 1%More Conscious has 100% more well chosen words concerning the soldiers that are mad about the longer deployments and the others that no longer believe in the mission in Iraq.


BillyWarhol said...


well said!!

I support the Troops but i sure as Hell don't support Bush!!

Impeach Bush + Cheney!!



Connecticut Man1 said...

I think Specialist Vassel deserves the well said comment more than anyone. He is speaking truth to power even when it may seriously hurt his career.

Impeach the entire criminal administration.

And thanks for stopping by.