College Republicans Medically Challenged

Is there any wonder why their party is in decline? Via Scarce at MLN:
Max Blumenthal's hilarious and thoroughly appalling "unauthorized" College Republican Convention Tour.
On July 13, 2007, I visited Section 60 of Arlington National Cemetery, where the bodies of American soldiers killed in Iraq were freshly interred. Afterwards, I headed across the street to the Sheraton National Hotel, owned by right-wing Korean cult leader Sun Myung-Moon, to meet some of the war's most fervent supporters at the College Republican National Convention.

In conversations with at least twenty College Republicans about the war in Iraq, I listened as they lip-synched discredited cant about "fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them over here." Many of the young GOP cadres I met described the so-called "war on terror" as nothing less than the cause of their time.

Huffington Post

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They are all too busy or too sick to fight the war they cheerlead for, BUT hey, at least some are "Officially Not Gay"... Well after prayin' an' stuff. Just ask Ted Haggard and Mark Foley how that works.

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