Larson Joins the Chorus To Neuter Bush

Via Matt Browner Hamlin at MLN:
Just in my email box from Rep. John Larson (CT-01):

"I am pleased that my colleagues in the Senate have raised the issue of revoking President Bush's authority to wage war. The President callously and carelessly entered this war. Clearly, things have gotten worse and not better. We cannot afford to have a President that continues to abuse his authority and not listen to the Congress or the will of the American people. Taking this action would be another important step to keep the pressure on the President. Congress also needs to look to address the Congressional War Powers Act to ensure that this kind of an abuse of power never occurs again. In March, I introduced similar legislation in the House and hope that we can work together to take this critical step that can aid in ending this war."
Obviously I'm happy to see Larson take this opportunity to renew his pressure on President Bush for ending the war in Iraq.

Yesterday I posted on Gov. Bill Richardson and Hillary Clinton joining the calls to strip bush of war powers:
De-Authorize the War Now, No Residual Troops

There would be no need to negotiate the withdrawal with the President, and he could not veto the resolution.

The time has has come for Congress to stand up to this President who refuses to recognize that his war is bleeding our military and weakening our country. He believes mere stubbornness is a foreign policy and that he can just ignore the will of the American people. In the interest of our national security, he must be stopped.

Congress has the ability to end this war under the War Powers Act -- let's not wait or waver while more people die. And de-authorizing the war should mean removing all our troops. Every last one.

Hillary Clinton has joined Robert Byrd in calls for the same:
Via the NY Times:

Mrs. Clinton’s proposal brings her full circle on Iraq — she supported the war measure five years ago — and it sharpens her own political positioning at a time when Democrats are vying to confront the White House.

“It is time to reverse the failed policies of President Bush and to end this war as soon as possible,” Mrs. Clinton said as she joined Senator Robert C. Byrd, Democrat of West Virginia, in calling for a vote to end the authority as of Oct. 11, the fifth anniversary of the original vote.

Her stance emerged just as Congressional leaders and the White House opened delicate negotiations over a new war-financing measure to replace the one that Mr. Bush vetoed Tuesday.

In spin that only a right wingnut could choke down the NY Times also says that it is not clear if Congress has the power to withdraw the power that only they can empower upon the little brat...

Even if Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Byrd succeed in their effort, it is not clear whether President Bush would have to withdraw troops, or if he could resist by claiming that Congress cannot withdraw its earlier authorization but instead has to deny money for the war to achieve that result.

Sure... bush can claim it, but that does not make it credible in any way, shape, or form.

Can you say IMPEACH?

No More Kings!

If you are unclear on the many reasons why the little brat needs to be impeached here is one of them:

“The Bush administration is urging Congress to pass a law that would halt dozens of lawsuits charging phone companies with invading ordinary citizens’ privacy through a post-Sept. 11 warrantless surveillance program.”


Anonymous said...

mullah cimoc say ameriki needing for remember vietnam war ending.

when last helicopter flying away the usa embassey how long before the gun of war going silent?

Answer: 3 day and now peace more than 30 years among vietnam people. back then time usa govt and control media say the same lying excuse for continue the kill.

special important: not the single viet cong coming for attack amerika during all this thirty year.

now patriotc ameriki man him needing for destroy israeli spy operations in usa starting with elimination the necon sending him to iraq for living in baghdad with mccain tell evryone how safe.

Tom Hoffman said...

The hypocrisy of the Democrats trying to pin the blame for 9-11 on the Bush Administration is laughable. The head of the CIA is a Clinton appointee and holdover from his administration. Thomas Pickard, another Clinton appointee, was the temporary acting head of the FBI. The head of the Department of Transportation, which is in charge of airport security, was the lone Democrat on Bush's cabinet. The information provided to Bush that prevailed in his decision to go to war was again provided by the Democratic minority leaders. The overwhelming decision to go to war was agreed upon by the Democrats and the Republicans based on this information.
If you want to remain willfully blind to the truth, go right ahead ... just make sure you have all your facts straight before you open your mouth and show the world your arrogance and stupidity.
Tom Hoffman, USA

Connecticut Man 1 said...

Well little tommy... That would be an interesting point *IF* I were a Democrat.

Since I am not I suppose you will need to learn to think before you open that big gaping piehole of yours "and show the world your arrogance and stupidity..."

I'd tear up the rest of your unsubstantiated neocon trash talking, but the fact that it is unsubstantiated GOP talking pointy head stuff from begining to end leaves me with the advantage of just having to tell you to grow up and get a life.

I will, however, point out the stupidest thing I have ever heard, courtesy of yourself, from any far right wingnut in the last 5 years:

"The information provided to Bush that prevailed in his decision to go to war was again provided by the Democratic minority leaders."

Your ignorance, little tommy twit, is truly astounding on so many levels. "Just make sure you have all your facts straight," indeed.

tom hoffman said...

Connecticut Man ....
Never did I present myself as a Republican nor was was the post directed toward *YOU*. The fact that you take insult to my words and then have nothing to say in return but the typical name calling indeed show all those reading your post your level of maturity. Everything I posted is without error and if you take the time to do your homework you will see the facts indeed. Your willful ignorance of *TRUTH* is a sad legacy many choose to take ... you included.

Connecticut Man 1 said...

And I quote:
"just make sure you have all your facts straight before you open your mouth and show the world your arrogance and stupidity.
Tom Hoffman, USA"

My facts are straight, and if you can't take the insults that will be tossed at you for posting ignorance like this:

"The information provided to Bush that prevailed in his decision to go to war was again provided by the Democratic minority leaders."

Then don't make original comments like the first quote and cry like a little baby when you receive the same treatment in kind.

My Blog... My rules. heh

Now, do tell all little tommy...

Name all of those "Democrat Leaders" that gave bush all of that false intel brewed up by the idiot Neocons in order to invade Iraq...

I'll expect your proof to be sourced to factual AND credible reports. My facts and opinions always are. That is why they call the left the "Reality Blogs".