Gen Petraeus: Iraq will “get harder before it gets easier”

The story president poopypants is afraid to tell you:
WASHINGTON - The top US commander in Iraq admitted yesterday that the conflict would “get harder before it gets easier”, providing further ammunition for Democrats determined to face down George Bush in their constitutional clash over the Iraq war.Hours before the Senate passed legislation ordering troops to start leaving Iraq by October, General David Petraeus said the conflict was “the most complex and challenging I have ever seen”. Gen Petraeus, who was put in charge of the Baghdad troop “surge” to pacify the Iraqi capital, warned of the enormous commitment and sacrifice facing the US in Iraq.

His downbeat assessment, in contrast with Mr Bush’s optimistic statements, stiffened the resolve of Democrats in Congress pushing for an early withdrawal of US troops. Yesterday the Senate followed the House of Representatives in backing legislation that calls for most US troops to be out by spring 2008.

The bill is expected to land on Mr Bush’s table on Tuesday, the fourth anniversary of the speech in which he prematurely declared an end to hostilities. Under the legislation billions of dollars of military funding will be withheld unless Mr Bush sets in motion the withdrawal timetable.

If president poopypants takes his ball and goes home (ie: vetos this} like the crybaby that he is, then just send it back to him with more restrictions. Keep sending it back with more and more restrictions.

Oh... And most Republicans in the Senate and House, like Lieberman and Shays, are too chicken to stand against president poopypants and do what they promised to do before the elections.

FU Lieberman and Shays... Be adults for a change and do your jobs.
(And no! I don't mean Friedman Units. You ran out of those in my book not long after the soldiers started dying for your incompetence.)

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