GONEzo Gets Some Brownie Points

Via ThinkProgress:

“‘In the middle of all this, my wife sent [Alberto Gonzales’] wife an e-mail,’ said Michael Brown, the chief of the Federal Emergency Management Agency during Hurricane Katrina and no stranger to Category 5 storms of public ridicule. The e-mail message reassured her, simply, that ‘there’s life after Washington.’ Mr. Brown, who calls Mr. Gonzales a ‘true gentleman’ and a ‘friend,’ nonetheless subscribes to the belief that Mr. Gonzales is going down.”
Heckuva job GONEzo...

As of now, there is no word from the Judicary Committee on whether or not they will need to subpoena bush administration wives' Emails just in case White House officials were using those Email accounts to illegally hide more official government business from the regulations of the Hatch Act. /snark

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