Get Bucks To Blog For ThinkProgress

Just think of all the skittles and beers you could buy!
New Fellows Program:
Get Paid To Blog For ThinkProgress:

"Today, ThinkProgress is launching a blog fellows program.

ThinkProgress Fellows will be drawn directly from our readership and other progressive blogs, and will become an integral part of our team — writing for ThinkProgress and the Progress Report e-newsletter, monitoring media outlets and conducting other research projects.

Fellows will serve six-month terms, receive a monetary stipend ($3,000), and travel to Washington D.C. for a weekend of training at the Center for American Progress. You’ll be asked to work about 20 hours/week, and you don’t need to reside in Washington.

Applying is easy: just fill out this application and submit it to tpfellows@americanprogressaction.org by May 6. You can also email that address with questions."

I think it is safe to say that Republicans need not apply, unless they have no scruples? (Which is usually the case. heh)

Just do us all a favour and PLEASE disclose that you are paid by ThinkProgress should you be one of the ones that gets the gig. Keep it honest and ethical. Nobody wants to be the next Dan Gerstein...

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