Net Neutrality

They failed to take the net's neutrality away from us on the federal level. Now they will try to come after us on the state level.

Together we won the first round in the battle for Net freedom. But the phone and cable giants are launching a counterattack. We need to raise the alarm and send a clear message to our new Congress: Make Net Neutratlity the Law in 2007!

It really doesn't matter if you Blog about politics, music, gardening, or if you have a website that deals with anything else, like a small business, or a community service oriented site. Ending Net Neutrality would have the direct result of cutting you out of the internet information loop if you don't have the money to pay for ELITE access. The big telco's will try and slip this in at the state level everywhere if we don't keep a constant watch for laws that could strip us of equality in our internet voice.

The internet belongs to everyone.

We need to be pro-active on this issue by urging our state politicians to pass laws guarenteeing Net Neutrality in the State of Connecticut. This is an issue that we can effectively end before they come after us.

A clear picture of what has happened so far:

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