Because Insurgent Minds Want to Know!

Remember when the US government put the manuals for building nuclear weapons on the interntnet?

Not only did Republicans put this dangerous information out there on the internet (already in Arabic to ensure the ease of use by middle-east terrorists) BUT they forced this to be put out there in their desperate attempts to link Saddam Hussein to Al Qaeda. A link that never existed:

The director of national intelligence, John D. Negroponte, had resisted setting up the Web site, which some intelligence officials felt implicitly raised questions about the competence and judgment of government analysts. But President Bush approved the site’s creation after Congressional Republicans proposed legislation to force the documents’ release.

And these are the idiot Republicans that claim to keep us safer?

It seems that they are at it again, this time telling the enemy how we will fight them.

New Counterinsurgency Manual Hits Net

Why is the DoD Making it Available to Insurgents,Terrorists? Your IraqSlogger editors are stunned that the Pentagon has released to the entire world and posted on the Web the U.S. military’s new 282-page counterinsurgency..."

You can read more here.

As bush puts off the decision of how he plans to fail next in his "New Way Forward" for Iraq - floating the unrealistic trial balloons of sending more troops in the meantime - remember these catastrophic decisions that our right-wingnut leaders have been proven to make over and over again.

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