The 2006 Weblog Awards

A quick look at some of the top winners in The 2006 Weblog Awards:

Best BlogDaily Kos
Best New BlogLesbian Dad
Best Individual BlogThe Bleat (James Lileks)
Best Humor BlogSadly, No!
Best Comic StripLeast I Could Do
Best Online CommunityFARK
Best Liberal BlogThink Progress
Best Conservative BlogLittle Green Footballs
Best Centrist BlogThe Moderate Voice

Topic Area Categories
Best Media BlogThe Raw Story
Best Technology BlogEngadget
Best Sports BlogKissing Suzy Kolber
Best Military BlogBlackfive
Best Law BlogThe Volokh Conspiracy
Best Business BlogClub for Growth
Best LGBT BlogPam's House Blend
Best Parenting BlogBreed 'Em And Weep
Best Educational BlogMichael Bérubé
Best Science BlogPharyngula

Best Medical/Health Issues BlogRespectful Insolence

If your Blog didn't take any of these great awards this year you can take solace in the fact that "YOU" won Time Magazine's Person of the Year. You don't want to get too greedy, do you? Your participation in Blogging and your other internet activities have made you worthy of your important award. You deserve to take a bow for your great efforts.

As for this great honor, I am in the same camp as Jon Swift who wonders "Why You and not Me? What have you done that deserves this honor more than I do?"

Oh well... Maybe I will win next year? :)


spazeboy said...

I'm honored!

Connecticut Man1 said...

No! YOU are honored. lol

As for me? I did get a funny Email in response to one of mine today:

"Dear Mr. Herron:
Thank you very much for linking to me and for your very kind words. I have added your site to my blogroll as well. I do want to offer one word of advice, which is that if you are going to be drinking I hope you will take a designated blogger with you as the Internet requires that you have a very quick reaction time.
Take care,

Jon Swift"

I quess if I can't get a weblog award NOR person of the year that is a decent consolation prize... lol

cgg said...

I'll take the movie on a Bloggie any day.

Anonymous said...
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