Johnson's Half-Baked Deflection

Hat tip to ct progressive at No More Nancy!:
Johnson's Half-Hearted Stand:

"If any leader from either party tried to cover up this information at the expense of the safety of our children, then they should resign their position immediately.

It would be reprehensible if any Republican leader intentionally covered up the full facts of the case, and it would be equally reprehensible if Democrat leaders sat on this information for a year in order to release it 30 days before an election.

I want an investigation to go forward to find out answers to these questions."

It would be reprehensible for Johnson to say that Dems "might have leaked this", which is a complete and total lie designed to deflect from the real issue.

It is already a known fact that it was a republican staffer that leaked this, and that this would not be an "October surprise" in this election year if GOP leadership had dealt with Foley when they FIRST LEARNED OF HIS IMMORAL BEHAVIOR.

The fact is that the GOP leadership has known about this issue for at least 5 years now.

I hate to break this to you, Nancy, BUT America does not give a damn "who leaked what"... They do, however, care that GOP leadrship has shown absolutely no moral fiber, and absolutely no will to take personal resposibility for their inaction.

Your little political game of deny and deflect has already burned you because your party chose to protect one House candidate instead of the children of America.

And you are welcome Nancy!
(For that nice BIG cup of STFU!)

Come back again when you have some moral values...

As a side note: I put some chocolate flavored Exlax in that BIG cup so she should start running off at the mouth any second now...


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Connecticut Man1 said...

The previous comment was traced by the Blog owner as eminating from Connecticut Republican party headquarters.

Nancy Johnson may have been half-baked but apparently the rest of them are completely baked... heh