Rell and DeFelice-ing of Connecticut

What does Jodi Rell do when the contactor costs the state millions by bungling a MEGA project?
State to check for Route 7 project mistakes

The state is inspecting the Route 7 widening project in New Milford to make certain mistakes a contractor made on an I-84 widening project were not repeated on Route 7.


The state Department of Transportation and the state attorney general are investigating projects by L.G. DeFelice, Inc., which failed in 2005. They are also investigating the DeFelice successor company, Hallberg Contracting Corp. of West Haven.

Late Monday, Gov. M. Jodi Rell ordered an independent audit of the I-84 project.

DeFelice officially defaulted on the Route 7 widening project in New Milford in May. It was immediately replaced by Hallberg Contracting Corp., which is run by the former president of DeFelice, Stephen Hallberg.

--- The New Milford Spectrum

Good Lord! She orders an audit?

Which crony will you hand more cash out to in order to have your "independent audit"?

I'll give you an audit for free:

Republican Rell gave the contract to cronies (Business as usual for Republicans) and when they messed up so badly, and went bankrupt, Rell turned around and handed the project to a company headed up by Stephen Hallberg, the former president of the same company that messed up the first time!

Jodi Rell's "DeFelice-ing" of OUR public funds through gross incompetence...

Not just once, BUT TWICE!

First on the I-84 project, and the second time on the Super 7 project.
Nothing like repeating your same mistakes over and over again.

Care to rethink whom you should vote for Governor of Connecticut (or for any level of government these days...) if you are a fiscal conservative?

You sure can't vote for the GOP and expect them to take care of your money.


fuzzyturtle said...

she's a piece of work all right.. and she's fiscally conservative just like our dear president!

I read today in the Snooze Times that Rell is also signing an anti-sprawl proposal.. now that the housing market has cooled and is getting downright chilly. (see http://tinyurl.com/pqdgf)

way to go jodi! Why does she have 80% approval ratings again? PLEASE CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME? I DON'T GET IT *sorry I'm getting a little hysterical*

Anonymous said...

God your so wrong it's not even funny. Not only do you not understand the bidding process of how contractors get work (ie; Rell has nothing to do with awarding DOT projects which are publicly opened bids that go to the lowest prequalified bidder) but she also had nothing to do with the hiring of the contractor to complete the work. If your going to comment on things and want respect for what you write you should at least know what you write about instead of just making accusations!

Connecticut Man1 said...

Yes... I am so wrong they convicted Rowland and sent him to jail because I have no understanding of how these contracts are handed out.

And now Rowland-Rell sits there repeating collosal mistakes.

If your going to comment anonymously about things and want respect for what you write you should at least know what you write about instead of just spouting off with ignorant staements!

Anonymous said...

"Yes... I am so wrong they convicted Rowland and sent him to jail because I have no understanding of how these contracts are handed out."
Ah...I see. Rowland was convicted so you have a vast knowlage "of how these contracts were handed out". Give me a break!
So tell us in your business experence in the construction field or State Government. Tell us how the system works, how DOT projects get awarded, the prequalification requirements for the prospective bidders. Tell us when and how the PUBLICLY OPENED sealed bids are opened. Even though I don't like Rell please tell us how Rell can change the bid results.

Maybe if you look a littly deeper you will find the difference between CDOT projects and the contracts given away by Rowland. And maybe, just maybe, you will learn something to better educate your readers.

Connecticut Man1 said...

Some of these contracts were awarded AFTER Rell took office as Governor, and BEFORE Executive Order #7.

Tell us when and how the PUBLICLY OPENED sealed bids are opened.

I have looked at it from too many angles. As for sealed bids. Rell now controls the 6 people that are in on the bidding system. As per Executive Order 7-c: 5 that vote, 1 that does not. That is a system dying to be rigged.

Ex-official in Berwyn gets prison
Chicago Tribune, United States - Nov 8, 2006
... In pleading guilty, Stillo also admitted he rigged bids to ensure Clifford Josefik ... he entered City Hall after hours and removed the sealed bids, Assistant US ...

New bidding system changes downtown carriage companies
Beaufort Gazette, SC - Nov 15, 2006
... There were three bidders when the city held a sealed-bid auction for those ... "The nearly identical bids submitted by ... "Rigged bidding is a per se violation of the. ...

Advisory firms raided in FBI bid-rig probe
Los Angeles Times, CA - Nov 17, 2006
... t available because a judge had sealed the search ... providers of such contracts through competitive bids, and generally hire ... in any industry can be rigged if one ...

Go ahead and sift through this:

And please don't waste my time any further unless you can back up what you claim. You simply saying "I am right!" won't cut it. Obvioulsy I have looked at many angles of this before I wrote this diary.

Anonymous said...

1.) "Republican Rell gave the contract to cronies"
Wrong. When was the Waterbury project awarded? Before Rell became Gov. Back in 2001. She had NOTHING to do with it.
2.) "cronies"? What makes you make a statement like that? Do you even know whom your talking about? I do, having worked in the construction field for over 30 years.
3.)It's nice to search the internet for articles about bid rigging. But pulling up a bunch of articles on the internet does not make it so in the case were talking about here. In general most of the articles you site deal with the contractor rigging their bid, not the Gov. handing out contracts on a no-bid basis (like Rowland). To use your own words " don't waste my time any further unless you can back up what you claim". You cannot.
4.) In CT. the morning of the bid for DOT work (usually at 10:00 AM on every other Wednesday) the prospective bidder puts their sealed bid into a locked wooden box kepted at the guard station at the entrance of the DOT headquarters in Newington, CT. It's there for all to see. Bids must be recieved no later than 10:00 AM. I have come their with a bid a little before 10 and watched several contractors put their bid in the box, I've waited untill 9:59 AM and put my bid in the box, and have watched the guards pick up the box and carry it into the adjacent room for the box to be opened in front of the awaiting bidders. Each bid is then unsealed in front of everyone, the officials check to make sure the proper paperwork is included (non-collusion affidavit, bonding, EEO statements and minority participation statements, current backlog of work, ect.), and the total bid price is read aloud for all to hear. Of all the bidders the lowest price is to be awarded the project upon confirmation by the department of the paperwork and total costs presented. All are open to public inspection and review, either at the time of bid or thereafter. I have been involved in well over 100 such bids.

5.) You've made accusations against Gov. Rell, accusations against the contractor (whom you don't even know), and decried a system that your unfamilier with. You may be looking at this from many angles but not looking in the right place.

Connecticut Man1 said...

Writing "I say so!" doesn't cut it in the blogosphere. There are very few on the internet that I will take their word at face value, and you are not one of them.

Just one of the many unfinished contracts:


If I had more time I would waste it, but I don't. And I won't. Regardless of what you think you know.

Anonymous said...

HA! Wrong again!!! Again you don't know what your talking about. That web site is not updated.
That project was NEVER delayed.
Regrardless of what you think you know but don't...
Care to try again?

Anonymous said...

...and another thing. I don't expect you to just take my word at face value. However, I do have intimate knowledge of Defelice's projects, and the status of the projects that wern't delayed in their completion (New Haven) or are being completed on schedule (New Milford), as well as the other projects that were delayed while the bonding company (USF&G / St. Pual Travelers) found another completion contractor. And from what you posted so far, and the lack of answers to the questions I asked of you, indicate that you have little to no knowladge of the facts. Now, having said that I find it equally disturbing that you continue to not heed your own advise and relise that simply saying "I am right" does not make it so, " Regardless of what you think you know".:)

Connecticut Man1 said...

HA! Wrong again!!!

You obviously didn't check the date that L G Defelice contract was awarded there... So much for you and your intimate knowledge.

If all you can say is "I say so!", which is obviously the case, than I will just start ignoring you, ok? Buh bye

Anonymous said...

1.) I worked at Defelice and on the New Haven Project.
2.) So the contract was awarded on Nov. 1st, 2004....so? Wait! Don't tell me - Rell gave the project to us "cronies"!
3.) If you know what your talking about then address the questions that I posed above, instead of dancing around the issues
A.)tell us in your business experence in the construction field or State Government
B.)tell us how Rell can change the bid results
But it's obovious you can't or won't deal with the issues. You made up your mind, declared the contractors / Rell all guilty without facts, and answer those who disagree with you with putdowns and distain. Shame on you. I'd hopped at least an open mind to discuss the issues instead of the traits that you so seem to hate in republicans. Your just as narrow minded as they are.

Connecticut Man1 said...

You have not dealt with 1 issue. You have said "Because I say so!" so many times and even then you have been shown to be incorrect, and have yet to provide any proof of anything you claim.

Add to that: You have just given the very reason that anyone and everyone who reads this will not believe a damned thing you say on this issue. (Especially when you consistantly provide absolutely no proof to back up anything you say, and you are consistantly shown to be wrong concerning what you claim you are supposedly more informed on. You must think Bloggers are stupid?)

I will make this very clear to you:


Not your OBVIOUSLY partisan opinions. Get the point?

Cold, hard, indisputable, VERIFYABLE facts.

The next "I say so!" you post here will just be ignored. :)

Anonymous said...

So what if I worked for DeFelice? Who in their right mind would think I had a conflict of interest in this argument? Of course, everyone will take my word on this! Why should I have to provide proof of what I say? It is up to you to provide more proof... Because my opinion is the law of the land and you must prove my opinions wrong more than you already have in order for you to be credible.

It doesn't matter that you have proven me wrong with facts over and over again. My opinion is all that matters.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Herron wrote:

"Republican Rell gave the contract to cronies (Business as usual for Republicans) and when they messed up so badly, and went bankrupt, Rell turned around and handed the project to a company headed up by Stephen Hallberg, the former president of the same company that messed up the first time!"

Wrong. According to the Republican-American, the insurance company that bonded 2 of Defelice's projects is responcable for the completion contractor being picked -

"Republican-American (Waterbury, CT) - June 13, 2006
Bonding firm ignores governor's plea I-84 project with ex-chief at DeFelice
HARTFORD - An insurance company that took charge of two multi-million-dollar state highway projects has rejected Gov. M. Jodi Rell's request that it pick a new contractor to finish the jobs. Rell objected to Hallberg Contracting Corp. stepping in for L.G. DeFelice of North Haven, a company that last month defaulted on jobs in New Milford and New Haven. DeFelice also either walked away, or was fired, from six other state highway projects worth tens of millions of dollars...."

So there you have it. Rell never turned around handed the project to the completion contractor. It was in all the newpapers.
Your whole argument started out based upon the wrong "facts". I questioned your "facts". Then when your questioned about your knowlage and experence in the construction field, or question how you know for a FACT that the bid was rigged, you don't back up what you write but instead attack me to prove you wrong. That tactic is know as "shoot the messenger if you don't like the message" YOUR THE ONE WHO MAKES ACCUSATIONS AGAINST PEOPLE AND THEN DEMAND OTHERS TO PROVE YOU WRONG? YOU OFFER NO PROOF BUT DEMAND OTHERS TOO?

Your a jerk.
/ignor list

Connecticut Man1 said...

Well now... First you accuse me of making anonymous charges... and then when you finally realize that that is false you throw up as proof an article from a publication that is nothing more than a republican talking point memo.

Does it get any better than this?

"Your a jerk."

Coming from you... I will take that as a compliment. Especially since it took you over a week to find anything that might support your biased opinion and it was a GOP rag. :)