Nancy Johnson's Junk in the Trunk Revisited

BrandfordBoy at My Left Nutmeg writes:

Good grief! Nancy Johnson's response to Chris Murphy telling the truth about how her drug-industry-funded health care policies are screwing Connecticut's seniors is to launch a full-scale Rovian Big

A crowd of about 15 Nancy Johnson supporters briefly gathe ed outside Chris Murphy's campaign headquarters Friday afternoon holding signs a d accusing Murphy of "scarin
A number of those protesting at the West Main Street site were senior citizens themselves who expressed concern over losing Medicare.

"These seniors here support Medicare," said Ken Hiscoe, campaign director for Nancy Johnson. "Chris Murphy wants to destroy Medicare Part D."

The protesters chanted phrases such as "Shame on Murphy," "Stop scaring seniors" and "Stop the attacks," prompting passing motorists to honk their horns in support.

"He has been scaring seniors for the past year and a half and it's reprehensible that he would use senior citizens for his own political gain," said Hiscoe.

Louis Salvio, Republican minority leader of the Common Council, also held up a sign and took part in the protest.

"I'm just here supporting Mrs. Johnson," he said.

We already knew about Nancy Johnson's fault when it came to the Medicare D(isaster) plan from one of my previous posts:

It seems that Nancy Johnson's political career has a lot of junk in the trunk...
Deroy Murdock on Medicare on National Review Online:

"This fiscal malpractice has not bought the White House even political dividends. An August 25-26, 2003 Gallup poll found 40 percent of adults approved of the president's handling of Medicare while 48 percent disapproved. After the benefit's adoption, a March 26-28, 2004 Gallup survey saw 35 percent approve of Bush on Medicare, while disapproval climbed to 55 percent. What a bargain: Each one-point drop in Bush's Medicare approval rating cost Americans $44.5 billion.
The GOP Congress should dump the drug benefit. They should spare taxpayers this absurdly expensive new project whose true costs were concealed by an administration that sacrificed integrity and fiscal responsibility on an altar of blind ambition.

Instead, Republicans should develop a modest plan for poor seniors who lack coverage, rather than any American over 65, including multimillionaires and those who already have drug insurance.

The Medicare drug benefit has metastasized from bad policy to bad politics and now to scandal and possible criminality. This law begs to be euthanized. The GOP should pulls its plug. As for the perpetrators of this colossal public fraud, the Justice Department should fit them for orange jumpsuits."

And this is the legislation she was was so proud of and pinning her 2006 re-election hopes on? Well now... If that ain't an elephant passing some serious gas on to the voters?

Chris Murphy flushes Johnson's crap below...

Careful now!

Never stand behind an elephant that is full of it... You never know when it is going to take its next dump on YOU!

So... What does Democrat hopeful Chris Murphy have to say about all of this?

Drug Benefit will be a problem for Johnson in 2006

Nancy Johnson's biggest legislative effort in years - the drug benefit bill - seems to be falling drastically short of doing what it promised - helping seniors afford their perscriptions. The NY Times explains why this bill will be an albatross around the necks of Republicans in 2006, Johnson in particular.

Already, many Democratic strategists argue that the new program - because of its complicated structure and gaps in coverage - could be much more of a problem than an asset for Republicans next year. Some Democratic challengers are already using the issue on the campaign trail, like Christopher S. Murphy, who hopes to unseat Representative Nancy L. Johnson of Connecticut, a senior Republican who played an important role in writing the law.
"Seniors, frustrated with the complexity of the drug benefit, are realizing that it was constructed to help the insurance industry and the drug industry," said Mr. Murphy, a state senator, in a common Democratic refrain. "It's more helpful to those industries than to a lot of seniors."

Read the rest of the story here.

Anyone that has tried to wade through Johnson's "signature legislation", either for themselves or a relative in need of medication, understands what a pile of hooey it is, and they are also begining to realize just how much more it is going to cost the people in need as well as all other taxpayers more than Johnson lied, err, said it would.

Johnson's rolling in it...
Dirty money that is!

Not only does she take drug industry money out the ying-yang in order to finance her campaign efforts, but Johnson also takes dirty money from Tom Delay.

You can feel free to stand behind Johnson if you want to... But don't say I didn't warn you.

Funny there Nancy!

We Bloggers were only ready for this smear attack about 10 months ago... (Almost as long as the GOP leadership has known that Republican rep. Mark Foley was a pedophile!)


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that Nancy is a menace.. I cant take her. Whenever I see a Johnsons sign (in Brookfield on Long Meadow Hill of course) I see red. Literally not figuratively

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Connecticut Man1 said...

I cant take her. Whenever I see a Johnsons sign (in Brookfield on Long Meadow Hill of course) I see red.

I agree... Except that when I see the signs I can't help but think that "there are still some Americans that will vote against their own interests?"