No More Nancy!

CT Progressive had this to say about Nancy Johnson:

"Chris Murphy's campaign just issued a press release demanding that Nancy Johnson publicly call for Dennis Hastert's resignation as Speaker of the House, saying:

If Nancy Johnson had the courage to stand up to her morally bankrupt colleagues in Washington, she would have done so already in a direct, public manner. The Republican leadership she proudly proclaims herself to be a part of knew what was going on and turned a blind eye. Now the people of Connecticut know without a doubt that Nancy Johnson is more interested in staying in Washington than doing what is right.

Johnson has continued to maintain her silence on the issue."

I guess that if silence is consent...

Johnson must approve of the way the GOP leadership she installed in Washington has, and is, mishandling this tragic situation?

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fuzzyturtle said...

bah.. that Johnson. Whenever I see that billboard on Route 7 (the "lack of leadership in America" or whatever it is") I just want to stop the car and scream YEA!

she's useless as t*ts on a bull as Grandma used to say.