Welcome Back To The New and Improved New Milford Brewery

This is just a switch over to the new Blogger In Draft Templates... But I plan on overhauling the place more, installing some better vats, dusting off the mugs and shot glasses. Be careful as you wander around and try not to knock over the cases of empties over on the side bar because recycling broken glass is a real pain.

And don't be shy to let me know if you think the fonts are darned near impossible to read or something. That is, if you can even read this? :)


Tengrain said...


This is nice. I approve. I approve without any reservations.

The first round of MPS I did something similar with a fixed background picture of scissors. Of course my colors were an acid yellow, green, and blue... If you look for it in the sidebar, there is a toggle switch that will throw it back to the "classic" look through the miracle of javascript.

The second round I had the MPS logo fading away and everyone complained for years about it.

The third round (current) everyone seems to like best: solid white.



Scott Supak said...

I would brighten up the post titles just a touch. Otherwise, thanks for making me want my anchor steam at 11 am.

Connecticut Man1 said...

Titles getting brightened a bit as we speak. :) I am trying to adjust it a bit so it will be easier to read on an iPhone/iTouch and other hand helds, as well.

libhom said...

I would put the posts on white backgrounds with black text, but I'm a picky bastard.