An Arizona Minutemen Group Folds

Apparently, either they were shocked that people answered their calls to violence or they are broke from their profiteering leaderships' greed.

The only question in my mind is "how will they reincarnate their particular brand of crazy?" Because as long as there are crazy people around there will always be someone around willing to take advantage of them for political advancement and/or personal profit.


Jolly Roger said...

Two words: Tea Party.

Connecticut Man1 said...

They have a very particular brand of crazy that may be rolled into a part of the Tea Party now... But given their own narrow interests of chasing poor brown people around at the border they will probably still need their own separate group and leadership. IMHO, the Tea Party is too politically motivated (herded by the GOP) to ever fully address that for them. Though I suspect that the tea party may be part of the reason their money pool has currently dried up.

libhom said...

I'm just glad they are gone.

Unknown said...

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