Dump Dodd advocating FOR Suicide?

When I got to the healthcare event yesterday, these "Dump Dodd" nuts were out there screeching about communism and socialism. Never mind that they were essentially calling Medicare, the VA and the military's Tricare "Communist and Socialist":

They are now advocating FOR suicide?

"How come we don't just give Chris Dodd painkillers? Like a handful of them at a time! He can wash it down with Ted Kennedy's whiskey...!"

Yeah. They are crazy. Sorry. I couldn't wait around long enough for them to spout the communist stuff again. But many were there for this healthcare event and heard these fringe nuts and can corroborate that fact.

CTNewsjunkie has a great write up on the healthcare event and some more on the Dump Dodd crazies, and My Left Nutmeg does a great job figuring out who these Dump Dodd nuts are.

[update] Both Rachel Maddow and KO on Countdown picked up this video which I saw on the late night repeats after some at MLN and on twitter told me about it. Anyways...

Josh Marshal points to a post at TPM DC where they picked up the Dodd suicide video, as did The Political Carnival where GottaLaff was nice enough to link to ePluribus Media when she found out I did the video. Also, it was put up early this morning by tparty at MLN when I pointed it out to them. Thanks kindly for picking it up. Via avahome: AMERICAblog picked it up too. I guess it is going a bit viral now? Well? "Dump Dodd" was complaing that they didn't get any exposure from the event... You are welcome! /snickers


Anonymous said...

Heheh, actually it is just dark humor. Don't try to play it up, makes you look silly.

Connecticut Man1 said...

Actually, it has been used as a classic example of the insanity of the right wing because it is what it is: far right wing fringe fanatics going berserk in acts of desperation because that is all they can do now.

There is too much hate and crazy and coming out of the cracks as honest conservatives across the country scramble to run from the GOP home of the birthers, teabaggers and even "Dump Dodd".

I hate to admit this but it only makes the things I am trying to do easier to accomplish. So, please... Keep it up! :)

Anonymous said...

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Connecticut Man1 said...

"Both Africa and the Medittereanean are regions which have sexual issues."

Wowser. You seem to have forgotten the Catholic church, evangelicals, the GOP, NOLA, and if we are really going to be honest? Almost every religion, society, race and country has had many of what some would term sexual issues.

It is pretty nice of you to single out certain ones while ignoring the facts.

Another example of that:

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A percentage of Christians are constantly trying to force their control over the female body in the USA.

""freedom" was the primary purpose the Gods had when implimenting this strategy that is the United States,"

Is there some alternate USA you live in? While religion did effect how the country was formed, it was in a manner that resulted in government and religion to be separated to avoid the perverted control of too much power concentration that always leads to persecution.

There is only one thing you say in there that I can honestly agree with:

"Make the decision to always be good and never look back."

There is the only thing that honestly makes sense in that entire passage... And it has nothing to do with God or religion. It has to do with basic human decency. And anyone that thinks that only the religious or that only their personal religion have a monopoly on human decency or morals or values ought not ever leave their glass house with a stone in their hand.

Anonymous said...

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