Will CT Investigate Ann Coulter For Voting Fraud?

Gotta love those fraudulent GOP values voters. Via C&L, Ann Coulter getting caught with her hand on the wrong voting lever AGAIN:
Ruh roh...another Coulter voter fraud issue...will she be able to weasel out of this one too? News Hounds:

Ann Coulter was cleared in a 2006 voter fraud investigation in Florida after an FBI agent/friend "intruded," but new questions have arisen about her previous voting record in Connecticut. The New York Daily News reports that Coulter voted there via absentee ballot in 2002 and 2004 while records show she actually lived in New York City. Given FOX News' obsession with voter fraud, can we expect an investigation from the "we report, you decide" network? A prime time discussion covering one of their most frequent guests on the "fair and balanced" network? Don't hold your breath. The Daily News reports that Connecticut will begin a formal investigation if they receive a complaint under oath.

Anyone feel like testifying? And should The Hartford Courant try to inflate their website stats with this story?
I thought I should point out that the Hartford Courant is inflating their website stats, Drudge-style, by including this on their homepage:
< : meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="900" / : > (Ed Note: slightly and symbolically modified with two colons to make the code viewable here- CM1)

They should knock it off.

How low do you have to sink to have someone honestly and factually compare you to Drudge?

If you can't trust them when it comes to something as basic as their web stats, how in the hell can you trust anything they have written on those inflated websites of theirs? That goes for both Drudge and the Courant. I don't need nor do I want them to refresh my page for any reason whatsoever. Though, I don't read Drudge because he is just plain stupid. You have to be completely brain dead to think he has anything of value to offer on those wingnut fantasy pages of his.

Meanwhile, over at Firedoglake they catch another wingnut, Peggy Noonan, doing the two faced two step:
How can you tell a Democrat is about to move into the White House? When Nooners writes something like this:

The Founders, who were awed by the presidency and who made it a point, the early ones, to speak in their inaugural addresses of how unworthy they felt, would be astonished and confounded by the over-awe with which we view presidents now. We treat them as if they are the Grand Imperial Czar of the Peacock Throne, and we their 'umble servants. It's no good, and vaguely un-American. Right now patriotism requires more than the usual candor. It requires speaking truthfully and constructively to a president who is a man, and just a man. We hire them, we fire them, they come back for photo-ops. They're not magic.

Yep, presidents are just ordinary, regular schmoes who we hire and fire every 4 years.

Unless of course, they're Republicans.

GOP wingnuts with absolutely nothing of value to offer come in 3s:

Peggy Noonan, Ann Coulter and the eggman,
Matt Drudge, strolling down wingnut lane together.

Sorry if that pic made you taste yer puke there... Maybe this story will make ya all feel a little better?

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