Obama Demolishes the Last Outlier Poll And New Ad

Don't know much about the science behind poll numbers but these numbers look pretty good for the Obama Campaign considering they are a pre-VP selection poll which would put them around the time the McCain's multiple housing hypocrisy started to break:

Obama holds a 47%-43% edge over McCain among registered voters and a 48%-45% edge among likely voters. Both leads are within the margin of error of +/—4 percentage points.

In the USA TODAY/Gallup Poll a month ago, Obama led McCain by 3 percentage points, but McCain held a 4-point lead among likely voters.

Most of the telephone survey of 1,023 adults was taken before Obama announced Delaware Sen. Joe Biden as his running mate Saturday.

This really does kill the media meme from the last outlier poll giving McCain a supposed lead. Also, I really think McCain's housing failure hasn't really set in completely yet. It broke big on Thursday, and stories like that really need to be out there for a while in order for everyone to get a clue on McCain's uncaring ignorance.

Oh yeah... As for tying bush to McCain: "66% say they're concerned he'll pursue President Bush's course. That includes 64% of independents and 35% of Republicans." An anchor issue sure to drag McCain down given bush having cemented his place in history as the worst president ever and McCain has shown no signs of changing things.

Barrack Obama has a huge double digit lead on handling the economy - the number one issue for voters, as per usual - as McCain has lost even more ground there. And 40% of those polled think McCain is just too old to be president.

And wouldn't you know that 80% say the country is in bad shape and 70% say it is getting worse. I guess they have been paying attention to what the GOP policies have done to their bank accounts over the years? Never mind that they can't be too happy at the prospect of paying for endless wars, in lives and treasure, if McCain wins.

I do know that CNN is using old polls to ignore their own most recent poll numbers:

PS: If Anyone is concerned about the CNN Poll that they're pimping today, read Nate @ 538.com

There is a little bit of sleight-of-hand here. The analysis begins by comparing Obama's performance in this new poll to CNN's next-most-recent one, which had been conducted in late July. However, CNN then switches to discussing a different poll, one which was conducted in late June, and pulls several pieces of information about the preferences of Hillary Clinton supporters from that June version of its survey.

The other possibility, of course, is that CNN did identify Clinton supporters in its July poll, but chose not to cite those results because they didn't fit with its storyline. The number of Clinton-supporting Democrats will be fairly small in any given survey (probably about one-sixth of the total sample), and results from that subgroup will therefore shift around a lot, with or without reason.

Keep in mind, in a poll of the larger voting universe, Hillary supporters are 50% at best of the Democratic population - 35%, and further, of the active Democratic Population, probably closer to 16% (110M Voters in 2004; 18M for Hillary). They're looking at a sample of literally 15-18% of the poll, and from that, extrapolating in ways that do not hold up statistically. The MOE on a sample this small is 10%... CNN is garbage

And I do know that there is new Obama campaign ad:

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