McCain Flat Out Lies at Townhall Meeting

There is a difference between the myriad of campaign faux pas and mistaken statements that McCain has made during his campaign follies and flat out lying. C&L makes the point very clear... McCain has turned to lying in his campaign now:

And John McCain is deliberately misleading people.

McCain and his campaign repeated at least two lines of attack against Obama, which when first said in early July, were called “bogus,” “wrong,” “inflated” and “misleading” by independent fact checkers.

At his town hall today, McCain repeated that Obama wants to raise taxes on those making as little as $32,000 a year and in his campaign’s response to Obama’s event in Springfield, Mo., today, repeated that “…Obama’s bad judgment led him to vote in support of higher taxes 94 times….”

Now, I won’t bore you detailing all of the ways in which McCain is lying here. Instead, I’ll just farm this one out — the claim about raising taxes on those making as little as $32,000 a year is demonstrably false, and the claim about voting for higher taxes 94 times is just as ridiculous.

Does this bush tactic bush remind you of bush anyone bush at all?

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