McCain, Britney and Paris Hilton: The Naked Truth

Via TPM:
I note with interest today, John McCain's new tactic of associating Barack Obama with oversexed and/or promiscuous young white women. (See today's new ad and this from yesterday.) Presumably, a la Harold Ford 2006, this will be one of those strategies that will be a matter of deep dispute during the campaign and later treated as transparent and obvious once the campaign is concluded.
While everyone is familiar with Britney Spears publicly exposing her support for everything bush, let's just strip away any notions of associating Paris Hilton with Obama, as well, shall we?

Paris Hilton Exposes Her Neocon McBush...

And yes... I will sink even lower than the conservative side to fight back, tit for tat, on their terms.

[update] I posted this over at dKos to try and verify the image origins (You can see what they had to say here) but one comment relayed a useful link:
Paris' Parents to McCain: How Dare You!
This has gotta hurt. We did some digging and found Rick and Kathy Hilton gave the John McCain campaign $4,600 this year, and Johnny boy has now taken a shot at their lil' girl.

According to the Federal Election Commission website, the Hiltons contributed the dough last March. Initially, Rick put up all the $$$ but in April it was split between him and his wife.

Now McCain is taking a shot at Obama, using Paris as his ditzy weapon.
The comments over at dKos point out the obvious I missed on this: If the McCain campaign will throw their own supporters under the bus, just imagine what they will do to the rest of America?

You can find the donation documents at TMZ...

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