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The Great White Hope

The media’s moment of disillusionment with John McCain appears to be at hand. Even Joe Klein has finally noticed that McCain’s profile is beginning to resemble the endomorphic shadow of his backstage advisor, Karl Rove, not one of the faces on Mt. Rushmore.

It’s all very predictable – about as predictable as the media’s abrupt discovery in the summer of 2005, as New Orleans sank beneath the waves, that the president of the United States was, gasp!, an incompetent boob.

But anyone who’s studied McCain’s career with any intellectual detachment at all (as opposed to the hagiographic tendencies of his media cheerleading claque) could have told you: The truth about John McCain is that he'll do just about anything and say just about anything to win. He always has. He's just been more clever (and cynical) than most in how he goes about it.

You had to know he would be feeling that 4 year itch right about now. Go read the rest!

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Berthajane Vandegrift said...

Wallmart is only a small part of the problem. Until some financial crises forces us to change, our economy may limp along with McCain and other republicans guarding the status quo. Can Obama fix our society -- presently dedicated to corporate greed? Nobody knows. However, it is obvious that McCain’s concern is with guarding corporate interests, and cutting taxes for those in higher income brackets.

Connecticut Man1 said...

It will be near impossible for Obama to fix everything in 4 years that the republicans have messed up so badly in the last few decades. (Many of the problems started in the Reagan years, IMHO, and have built up since then)

But Obama is reasonably poised to make a break from the failures past and take a step in a new direction. John McCain would clearly be the status quo of, as you say, "guarding corporate interests, and cutting taxes for those in higher income brackets."

Thank you for the comment!