McCain's Connecticut Calamity

John McCain's Campaign has, thus far, been wobbly at best. But now he has even more campaign problems, as per BooMan:
I hadn't thought about the problem McCain will have trying to create a GOP platform. Good luck with that one.

The current GOP platform is a 100-page document, and all but nine pages mention Bush's name. Virtually the entire platform will have to be rewritten to lessen the imprint of the president, who has the highest disapproval rating of any White House occupant since Richard M. Nixon.

It is the prospect of a total rewrite that worries some.

McCain is "really out of step with the strong majority of his party," said Myron Ebell, director of energy and global warming policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, which opposes McCain's positions on climate change. "He might get what he wants. And he might get a change. But I don't think it's going to sit well with a lot of Republicans."

Climate change is the least of McCain's problems. How about immigration? How about campaign finance reform?

McCain's campaign has been self-undermining to this point - effectively tied to bush policy failures by not only the opposition but by his own incompetent self - and he only has five months left to turn around numbers like this:
Rasmussen filed a poll the other day that has Obama 52, McCain 35 in Connecticut,
sharply reversing their previous poll a month ago which supposedly
(*cough* BS) had it a close race, Obama 47 McCain 43. This makes the
third poll which has Obama up by between 17 and 22 points, effectively
putting Connecticut out of play, if it ever was in play.

Obama is viewed favorably by 62%/37, McCain 54%/43.

Research 2000: Obama 57 McBush 35 (7/03/08)

Quinnipiac: Obama 56, McSame 35 (7/02/08)

Good luck on that one, too.

I suspect that the current hostilities towards the GOP by voters in this state coupled with the likely down-ticket effects of the Obama campaign had Chris Shays worried and Jim Himes celebrating a bit this weekend when these numbers were released.


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

at least his advisors have been able to find a loop hole to help him get more loot via the MC-FG bill lol

Connecticut Man1 said...

I hear you Torrance. The hypocrisy in McCain using loopholes in the bill he helped craft to shovel money around campaign finance reform and into his campaign...