How Does Obama Offer an Olive Branch for FISA Capitulation?

This may be one way:
Obama Seeks Info on Dodd in Vice President Search - TIME

Barack Obama's presidential campaign has requested information from Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd as part of its search for a possible vice presidential candidate.

The former White House hopeful and Connecticut lawmaker indicated Wednesday that he has been approached by the campaign. "There's been some inquiries, yeah," Dodd said. "They ask for a lot of stuff. I'll leave it there."
Senator Dodd may not make the final Vice Presidential cut, but the choice would go a long way towards repairing the minor rift among his supporters that resulted because of Obama's participation in eviscerating the 4th amendment. Needless to say, McCain was even worse on this issue because he wasn't man enough to actually show up and vote on it - something McCain does almost every time there is an important vote. Spineless Republican.

Dodd was the most vocal Senate opponent of protecting the telecoms from civil suits arising from their aiding the bush administration's illegal spying on Americans. CTNewsJunkie has more on the possible implications of Dodd as VP candidate.

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