Where will you be in 2009? Honestly?

BooMan asks an Honest Question:
Let's say hypothetically that Barack Obama secures the nomination and wins the presidential election in the fall. And let's say that the Democrats substantially increase their majorities in both the House and the Senate. What do you see happening to the progressive blogosphere in 2009? What's our role? What's our significance?

To start off: I don't - and never have - considered myself as a progressive. Nor do have any ties to the Democratic party. I have aligned myself closer to them in the past few years for the simple reason that tend to deal more with reality and less with spin and lies.

The simple fact that Connecticut's progressives were responsibly spearheading the efforts to deal with one of the worst Democratic party abusers of lies and propaganda in the nation - a true neocon through and through - Joe Lieberman (R- Idiot), speaks volumes on how they have chosen to tackle the Democratic party in the past... And, I truly hope, is a telling sign of their future treatment of the worst of the worst politicians that can, and do, come from any and all political parties.

Like most Americans, I believe that most of the worst that American politics has to offer is still rooted deeply in the heart of the Republican party. But that time will likely soon come to pass as they lose more and more power.

I am curious as to what many of my progressive allies, those that I have come to look at as trustworthy friends, in the Democratic party look at as their future goals and objectives?

I already understand that many of them will view "More and Better Democrats" as an obvious part of their agenda if they should clear the hurdles of obstructionism by Republicans in Congress through the likely victories that this election cycle is paving the way for. The shear number of Republican incumbents dropping out coupled with a lack of "top notch" candidates to fill those campaign holes and adding in their lack of grassroots funding at almost every level of national politics is creating the very real likelihood of a tsunami of change with very little the GOP can do to stop this beyond wishful thinking.

I am truly curious as to whether it will be hard for the many on the left that are attached to and/or operating within the Democratic party structure, and have lived off "reality" for so long, to ever find it possible to continue a posture of "cheer leading" for their team while ignoring the failures of some of their own candidates?

If the Democratic party does achieve a complete, or near complete, domination of national politics, what do you Democratic Bloggers view as your goals and objectives?

Like I said: I believe that most of you have more interest in truth. I even believe that the most partisan of you Democrats that I know do honestly have what you think is in the best interests of not just your party at heart but the nations' best interests as well.

My goals will always be to seek out truth. And will always include kicking any dishonest politician regardless of party affiliation. So, I can honestly say that my objectives would never change regardless of who has their hands on the levers of power. Truth and honesty, in a perfect world, would have no political bias. But this world ain't near a perfect world.

Have you considered what your goals and objectives will be, or continue to be, beyond the 2008 election cycle? I am certain that many of your allies, both within and without the Democratic party, would be interested in knowing.

Given the political tides, NOW is probably the time for you to begin contemplating and assessing your future within the blogosphere, and as an activist as well...


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Can you riddle me this batman, who would u think Obama will or should (really both) have as a running mate?

Polzoo said...

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SadButTrue said...

You can go through the Constitution with a fine tooth comb, you'll never see a word about party politics, campaign contributions, the lobbying industry, media bias, ... in other words all the things dominating the current political sphere. Geez, back in the 1780s they had no concept of the multinational corporation.

The founders thought that the country would perpetually be governed by men of integrity acting purely on principle. A bit shortsighted, don't you think?

a rose is a rose said...

i have never affiliated myself with a party until the da liebs and ned lamont race. i then switched from I (NOT ID-JIT like da liebs mind you) to a big ol' D.

i will tell you how VERY disappointed i am with the democratic part in congress (who should have started impeachment proceedings LONG ago) and the senate. i want impeachment and i want those responsible for both war crimes and general crimes against humanity to be held accountable. they (the Ds) don't have the stones

Connecticut Man1 said...

A pretty good assessment of some of the problems, sadbutture. Throw in the fact that, though some of the founders were Christian (or Deists, or other or not religious at all), they never thought this country would be run (or so severely influenced) by religion.

I kind of left politics alone until bush messed everything up, rose... And Lamont was one of the very few politicians I have endorsed as what would have been real change, and more representative of the people of Connecticut.

Torrance, I don't have a clue who Obama will chose as a running mate. If there were a somewhat liberal leaning Hispanic female out there that was well qualified, that would be one heck of a choice to lock down the election win. That is assuming that there are no leftover Dixiecrat types out there that would bolt from the ticket inside the voters booth.

Menopausal Mick said...

Hi there fellow travelers,

Interesing question but it presumes we'll have a country where our voices are even heard. I'm very concerned about the voting machines...and I can't seem to get folks to consider the real danger they pose to a democracy. 40 states will be using them this November.

Watch the HBO Documentary, the Hacking of Democracy on YouTube

Or read the report from:

Jennifer Brunner, Ohio Secretary of State

(hope those links print out correctly...I'm hopeless with computers.)

Anyway, if another election doesn't get stolen...then we might have a shot at taking back our Democracy...but we'll probably have to fire everyone again because this bunch has been useless in defending the Constitution to date.

Great site! I miss my scotch drinking days...sigh...I hate getting older.

Come see me, ya drunken heathen!

Menopausal Mick@phukkoff.com