The Extreme Ignorance Of Chris Shays

Via Connecticut Bob:
Yesterday Rep. Chris Shays admitted he never read the document that the Bush administration used to justify the invasion of Iraq. Over five years later, Mr. Shays still hasn't gotten around to it.

Let the congressman tell you in his own words in this brief video...
Probably the most important vote he has ever had to make in his political career and he couldn't bother to read the actual reports on the situation? 5 years later and he still hasn't managed to read the report?

ctblogger at MLN had an update to add to this:
Make sure to share this with your local print and broadcast media outlets. That Shays failed to read the intelligence before leaping into the Iraq war – even though he insisted at the time that he had to vote against his constituents because, in his words, "I know too much about this threat" – is genuinely newsworthy.


ThePoliticalCat said...

Hey, C-Man,

Hope your house problems have resolved, or are on track to resolve.

I knew I despised that little pissant Shays. Almost as much as teh LIEberwhore.

Connecticut Man1 said...

Somewhat resolved... We have lost the house (truly disappointed!) BUT we finally have a new one lined up to rent nearby and it will cost us a lot less money. Added bonus: By renting this place we will be helping someone else that was on the verge of losing their place because of a lost job. Their financial problem is a big part of the reason they were willing to overlook ours. They were around the same place in foreclosure that we were 6 months ago.

We lose our little part of the American dream and all of the equity we had in it...

But we will still have a roof over our heads (a bit nicer roof than the one we had, to boot! Romantic fireplace in the livingroom and a nice room I will use for a media and music room), it will cost us a lot less AND our kids will still be close to all of their friends and remain in the same schools.

Just trying to make the best of a really bad situation here... It ain't easy makin' lemonade out of stinking pile of bush poop. :)

Anonymous said...
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