The Widening Income Gap In Connecticut

Via rba at ePluribus Media:
Lisa Lambert/AP: Poor get poorer as recession threat looms: report
In Connecticut, incomes of the wealthiest 20 percent are eight times those of the poorest 20 percent, according to the report. New York has the greatest disparity, with incomes of the top 20 percent 8.7 times the bottom ones, followed by Alabama, where the top are 8.5 times the bottom.

Just when some thought the economy was getting better in Connecticut:
Only recently has Connecticut begun recovering from the downturn of six years ago, according to Douglas Hall, associate director of research for Connecticut Voices for Children, who participated in the call. By August 2007 the state gained enough jobs to make up for those lost in the last recession, he said, but now it is losing them again.

Buckle up Nutmeggers... It is going to be a rough ride.

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