Visit Republican Roger Stone's Swingers Club

Josh Marshall from TPM brings up some interesting questions concerning where Roger Stone was when he got his info on Elliot Spitzer... And he would like you to go visit the place to see what you can find at the swingers club called Miami Velvet:
Sure you know about Eliot Spitzer's hooker-gate implosion. But did long-time Spitzer nemesis and GOP dirty trickster Roger Stone grease the skids for Spitzer's downfall with information he learned while chillin' at a Miami swingers club? In today's episode of TPMtv we bring you all the lurid details:

If you are thinking of visiting (just to help Josh out with research, of course!), remember that it is an "On Premise" club... Meaning people will likely be having sex there in public view and in more private rooms, as well. Just don't expect to find Stone there. I am guessing that Roger Stone will no longer be welcomed at Miami Velvet since he has broken one of their "Swingers Rules To Live By For a Guaranteed Great Time" as listed on their website:
Demand absolute discretion! And be worthy of the same. Discretion is paramount in this lifestyle! Privacy is imperative!!! Never, ever discuss details inappropriately. Everything you do, everything you see, MUST remain private. Miami Velvet has a saying, "Everything you see here, Everything you hear here, must remain here when you leave here".
In fact, Roger Stone may find that he will no longer be welcome at any swingers clubs having broken this rule. Obviously, swingers cannot count on his absolute discretion. Is there a certain amount of irony in the possibility of a Republican being left with the one option of having sex with only their spouse? Just Curious?

Given the fact that he is just another typical Republican, they should have known that he could not EVER be trusted. lol


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