Comparing Joe neocon Lieberman To A Dog?

Jeff Huber, at ePM, may want to be careful because the SPCA could come after him for animal abuse with a comparison like this:
It must be a kick in the head to base your claim to the presidency on your savvy in foreign affairs only to have it get out that Joe Lieberman knows more about them than you do. I bet it’s a lot like how I feel when my dog corrects my grammar in front of people.


People in the Sun said...

Of course, we're all a bit ashamed of supporting him when he ran with John Kerry. Let's admit it: The Anyone-But-Bush strategy was slightly flawed.

Connecticut Man1 said...

John Kerry ran with John Edwards as his VP candidate. You must be thinking of the Gore campaign in 2000, and before the ABB people started to get active.

People in the Sun said...

I'm silly. In my defense, I had a screaming baby on my lap when I was writing that.

But although it takes away the main point I was making, I still feel embarrassed about cheering for him. And a different argument can be made about us going along with Gore's attempt to follow Clinton's Third Way, the supposedly middle ground between Liberal and Conservative philosophies, which basically was just the Left being pulled to the right, and that brought us to Joe Lieberman being picked as a running mate.

Connecticut Man1 said...

heh... I know how you feel since half the time I am surfing I have my own tickig diaper bomb in my arms too! :)

And I agree with your sentiment on what is often referred to as the fight over the "Overton Window".

I am not a Democrat nor a Republic... Just an indie liberal that is trying to tug the Overton Window back over towards the left so this country will be back on track towards sanity.