Peak Inside Howard Dean's Email Inbox

Mary McElveen is trying to get you to send notice to the Democratic party concerning disgust with the media's censorship of candidates views:
By Mary MacElveen
January 16, 2008

To Chairman Howard Dean,

When you were running for president back in 2004, you stated that the people “had the power to take back their country” Well in light of former Senator Mike Gravel being omitted from past debates and now with Congressman Dennis Kucinich being barred from an upcoming debate: Where is the power of the people to decide who they get to hear from? I do not see it, Chairman Dean. This is surely not democracy, but censoring the words coming from both candidates.

Read the rest and sign on if you believe the media has no right to decide which candidates are supposedly viable.

If you aren't up to speed on what this is all about, here is the most recent episode in which the media is trying to dictate which candidates the people are allowed to hear about and from:
Just announced, the Nevada Supreme court is kicking the public right to hear all of the candidates' views in the teeth:
MSNBC reports that the Nevada Supreme Court has ruled that NBC can block Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) from tonight’s presidential debate in Las Vegas, overturning an earlier ruling by a Clark County District Judge. NBC had uninvited Kucinich after changing its participation criteria.

Previously brewed here:

Kucinich Wins Nevada Debate

At least, in court, he wins the debate on whether he will get an invitation to the debate, OR ELSE:

“A judge in Nevada has just ordered MSNBC to include Rep. Dennis Kucinich in Tuesday’s Democratic Party presidential debate in Las Vegas or he will cancel the forum. Senior Clark County District Court Judge Charles Thompson vowed to issue an injunction halting the nationally televised debate if MSNBC failed to comply. Kucinich had filed a lawsuit seeking to be included just this morning.”
Good for Dennis Kucinich, and great for Democracy! And a hearty "Thank you!" to Judge Thompson...
When will the media leave it up to the voters, and only the voters, which candidates are viable? Since when did the media become the rule makers for a political party's primary?

The media needs to learn its place is to report and fact check. Not to cheer lead and blackout.

Connecticut Bob has a few choice words (and pics) to describe this recent news...
Both Mike Gravel and Dennis Kucinich have been completely shafted by the media. And John Edwards seems to suffer from a similar problem. Even though they do allow Edwards to participate in the debates, he gets little press beyond that. And when they do cover Edwards, it is usually addressing how angry he is supposed to be, or concerning his haircuts.

Honestly? I don't give a damn how much Edwards' haircuts cost, and when I have seen him talk he has seemed upbeat most of the time, and at other times grave, solemn or concerned, but never really angry. If you want angry, look at the corrupt and enraged (deranged too?) Dick "Go FV@K Yourself!" Cheney, or the average citizen that has had to suffer the complete failure of the media on about every front in the last couple of decades.

And make no mistakes about this: The media in America is failing BIG TIME. And they are dragging the rest of the country down with them.

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