For Media, Blogging Is Making a Difference

In shaping everyone's views, including Journalists according to Googit:

Picked up from Jerry Johnson, head of strategic planning at Brodeur, news of a survey finding that blogs are having a significant impact on journalist's story ideas, angles and insights.

  • Over 75% of reporters see blogs as helpful in giving them story ideas, story angles and insight into the tone of an issue.
  • 70% of reporters check a blog list on a regular basis.
  • 21% of reporters spend over an hour per day reading blogs.
  • 57% of reporters read blogs at least two to three times a week.

Journalists are also increasingly active participants in the blogosphere.

  • 28% of reporters have their own blogs.
  • 16% have their own social networking page.
  • 48% say they are "lurkers" – reading blogs but rarely commenting.

The survey is part of an ongoing research project by Brodeur in conjunction with Marketwire to understand the impact that social media and blogs are having on traditional news delivery. The survey was conducted among a random sample of North American reporters and editors. You may obtain a copy of the survey here .

So... You are all, likely, having a bigger impact than you might think. But why do I get the feeling more of them read farrr right wing fanatics Blogs?

"The problem is that moderate conservative candidates, and ones that are somewhat authoritarian to boot, have been labeled as "Liberals" for so long by the corporate owned MSM it has skewered the views of the American people to accept candidates that are far more conservative than many of the American people really are.

IOW: People have been conditioned to reject candidates that would better represent their own views through years of propaganda.

This is a direct result of the MSM's incompetence in addressing real issues and, instead, sticking to their scripts of Horse Races, Manipulation of Polling Popularity Contests, Who Smells the Best, The Prettiest Face, Masculintity, The Money Game, Crying Games and a myriad of other exercises in avoidance and misdirection from the real issues that are truly important and could do a lot to shape your support based on what is actually best for you, the voter.

Information is the best weapon you have to fight this propaganda:

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So it is left up to you to seek out the important information, at least, until the media finally meets our demands that they AND the candidates address the issues honestly.

The short version of this post?

Because We The People are getting tired of doing all of the heavy lifting."
I can only hope a journalist reads this and actually gets the point... lol


Alicia Morgan said...

So true. It's disheartening to know that most of the real 'journalism' - what was originally meant by the First Amendment; that is, informing the public of what they need to know - is indeed being relinquished by the media which is raking in the billions with their unlimited access, and left to the (mostly unpaid) bloggers who do feel a responsibility to the public's right to know. We are doing the heavy lifting.

Connecticut Man1 said...

For myself, it is not just some responsibility to the public right to know... As important as that is. More often than not I can not find the real facts in the media that I am looking for my own personal use.

I would love nothing better than to have a reliable media so that I could Blog about things that really interest me... Hockey, sex, gardening, camping, etc..

Our media is not reliable and often is pure propaganda, and so I blog on politics. As boring as I really find the topic.