A Little Tweety Hypocrisy on Obama and Edwards

Go back to the entire show and look at who comes on as the Obama representative right after this exchange...

Then he asks Elizabeth to differentiate between John and Barack Obama, and when she tries to play up John’s populist appeal, Tweety’s response is to denigrate trial lawyers as an undesirable interest group to be supporting Edwards’ campaign, even going so far as to blame trial lawyers for the lack of bartenders in Pennsylvania. Huh? Is he forgetting that Elizabeth Edwards was a trial lawyer herself? Watch how Elizabeth constantly tries to get Matthews to focus on John Edwards’ campaign and Tweety’s little mind flits elsewhere.

If you didn't notice, the next guest after this exchange was a trial lawyer supporting Obama. Yet... Not a word about that fact from Tweety.

Why not?

Why is it a horror story if a trial lawyer supports Edwards, but not even notable if the next guest introduced is a trial lawyer supporting Obama?

Note: I can't find the video of it OR the transcripts... But I am certain it is the case as I noticed it as soon as he introduced the Obama supporter right after the Elizabeth Edwards shtick... If you have the video of it somewhere, or the transcripts, please send it my way!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Connecticut Man1 said...

All I know is that this is a serious knock on the hypocrisy of Tweety and the media. They have their scripts for the campaign and caricatures of candidates and, at times, the media looks mighty stupid following them.

It really has little to do with Edwards or Obama. They can't control the idiocy of punditocracy. Even if we can't control it, we can point it out when we see it.