Jay Lewin's premature ejaculations

Jay Lewin, the juice box republican, always one to miss the mark when he spews:
Kostes, Kane Fail to Vote In Ambulance Barn Referendum

I guess it just wasn't important enough for them. Kostes, the wannabe Mayor, was probably too busy looking at himself in the mirror, looking for his socks or looking at his money. As for Council wannabe Kane, well, I don't want to go there.

It's always interesting to see who has the biggest mouth and then's a no-show. At the Rotary, Kostes went on and on about how the press has failed to help get out the vote. How the Town should use the internet to get out the vote. How there's too much voter apathy. And then what does he do?

The problem with these charges? According to the NewsTimes Kostes did vote:

"If I didn't vote, that would be an issue, but it clearly wasn't," said Kostes, who is challenging Republican incumbent Mayor Patricia Murphy and Democrat Larry Stillman.

Murphy and Stillman both voted in the referendum, according to the town's voting record.

When Kostes was alerted to the Web site report, he soon learned that when he voted, his brother John's name was marked off rather than his, Helen Cherney, registrar of voters, confirmed Monday.

Lewin did not mention that 17 other people among 57 currently running for office are listed as not participating in the referendum. They include two New Milford First candidates, six Republicans and nine Democrats.

Needless to say, Kostes ain't too happy about Jay running off at the mouth with typically GOP talking points... Being a GOP talking pointy head, Jay feels no shame in his premature ejaculatory claims:
As for how he selected the other non-voters he criticized, Lewin said his Web page "doesn't have to be fair and balanced."

Jay... You need to learn a basic fundamental of Blogging, and journalism in general, if you want people to take what you write seriously. Try contacting the people first for a comment on your assertions. Two minutes of phone calls could have easily kept you from looking silly AGAIN.

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