Have you seen this girl?

Just a public service announcement in the hopes of helping this New Milford family reunite:

Megan Roberts: Last seen Friday night, October 12, 2007 in New Milford, CT with Kenton Dow, purportedly of San Diego, California. Megan may be in New Haven, Connecticut or headed toward Enosburg Falls, Vermont. She may be on hiking trails or walking along back roads. She was last seen wearing a long army green trenchcoat and black baseball cap. Megan has long, black wavy hair with lighter brown roots that may be tied up or frizzy. She weighs about 100 pounds, is 5 feet 1 inch tall and has no tattoos or piercings. She has grey/blue eyes and is light skinned.

Any information is helpful. Please contact:
the Connecticut State Police at (860) 626-7900 if you have heard anything about her disappearance.

[update]They have a different contact number for the police in the NewsTimes story:

Anyone who may have seen Megan is asked to contact the state police at
1 (800) 953-9949.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for helping us find Megan. A lot of people are really worried. It's really not like her to be away for so long. I just hope we find her soon. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Connecticut Man1 said...

You are welcome. I have a daughter around her age, so I understand how important this must be to your family. A few other Blogs have this up, and I may try and post this in a Vermont Blog if I can.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your help. The FBI is now involved and we may also be hiring a private investigator. We need all the help and prayers we can get. We still have absolutely no word or sign of life from Megan and this whole side of CT is worried about her.