To Avoid Return to Iraq, Soldier Arranged to Be Shot

Via the Ny Times, His wife helped to arrange it and they paid $500 to another man to do the deed:
Jonathan Aponte, a 20-year-old Army private, has admitted that he arranged to have himself shot in the knee to avoid being sent back to Iraq and then told police he had been wounded in a robbery.

Today, he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor, the Bronx district attorney, Robert T. Johnson, announced.

In a deal with prosecutors, Private Aponte pleaded guilty to one count of falsely reporting an incident in the third degree. Under the agreement, Justice John N. Byrne of State Supreme Court is to sentence him to a term of one year in jail on Oct. 17. His guilty plea in this case also covered any potential charges of perjury in connection with the investigation into the shooting, according to the district attorney’s office.

Support the troops... Bust a cap in their kneecap?

WTF??? Is this what it has come to? (h/t Buzzflash)

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Beach Bum said...

Its a shame that private didn't have a rich powerful daddy like the Master Ferret Bush to help him out or enough connections to get several deferments like Cheney.