Must See YouTube from a Disaster Guru Techno-Geek:

And I really mean it is must see...

This video introduces a series of "21st century disaster tips you WON'T hear from officials," by homeland security and disaster management strategist W. David Stephenson. The tips tell you how to use personal communication devices and apps you use every day -- and will use in a disaster whether or not officials want you to -- to communicate with family and friends, and perhaps even to relay critical information to officials, without making a bad situation worse by, for example, making voice calls to let your family know you're ok

I would highly suggest following his directions on this... Just in case. This is a bush disaster world. You never know when you will need this kind of back up.


WDavidStephenson said...

Thanks so much for the nice comments, and the "disaster guru techno-geek" line -- I love it!!!
-- David Stephenson

Connecticut Man1 said...

Yer welcome. :0) I only hope it is as useful as it sounds in a disaster.