Sally Field's Uncensored Emmy Speech

ctblogger caught the Fox propaganda network in another blatant display of censoring the views of others the other night:
I guess they didn’t like me. They really didn’t like me.

At tonight’s Emmy Awards show, the audience cheered Sally Field’s acceptance speech, which the recognized mothers of U.S. troops. “Surely this [award] belongs to all the mothers of the world,” she stated. “May they be seen, may their work be valued and raised. Especially to the mothers who stand with an open heart and wait. Wait for their children to come home from danger, from harm’s way, and from war. I am proud to be one of those women.”

Field then continued, “If mothers ruled the world, there would be no –” But the Fox Emmycast cut off her sound and pointed the camera away from the stage, silencing the rest of her sentence: “god-damned wars in the first place.”
But Canadian television obviously didn't get the GOP memo passed down to Fox and so they didn't censor Sally Field's Emmy speech: