Put That Conservative CT Blog in the Ignorant File

Have a couple of laughs at Cttaxed's expense:
We in Connecticut know the founder of the Kos was a strong supporter of Lamont in his bid to unseat Senator Lieberman. Most of us also know the Kos is generally speaking shall we say, left leaning.

Everyone in the Blogosphere already knows that Kos, the founder of dailyKos, is a Libertarian, and a right leaning one at that given the fact that he was Reagan Republican that ran from the GOP when the Republican party started to go completely insane on religion and war.

Now... As for this really asinine comment:
The traffic on reddit.com has gotten silly and boring with the constant calls for impeachment of Bush, Cheney, and the horse they rode in on.

Take it up with the majority of the American public that thinks that bush, cheney and their fellow criminals should be impeached for the sake of this nation. You few pathetic moonbat bush supporters left barking at the moon ought to be getting the point of just how irrelevant your whinings on this and pretty much any other subject truly are now.

Or are you really that ignorant on the value of your opinions in the public debate now? On second thought, nevermind the obvious.

Here you go, cttaxed, and just for you:

Some cheese to go with that whine...

Maybe it will be enough to tempt you to jump ship along with the bulk of the republican rats that were a little smarter and faster than yourself.


Anonymous said...

Does this mean I am somebody now?

Actually I never commented on whether or not I am a Bush supporter.

I said "I was bored with the constant calls for impeachment".

Someone recently asked me what me party registration I was, I replied "pissed off".

It is clear to me that government at the Federal and State levels has lost their way.

Connecticut Man1 said...

"Does this mean I am somebody now?"

I see that even you have your doubts. For the record: Fools are people too.

You can try and interject all of the regressiveness you want into the political discussions of today, but it is your politics that have brought all of this disaster on this nation. You are still cheering on regressive ideas that are proven failures. And your textbook spinning won't get you anywhere anymore.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, you have read an awful lot in to my postings.

I have not posted on my politics other then tax policy, business and educational issues. Hence the name "cttaxed.com"

Please what "regressive ideas"?

If you want a comment on the Iraq war, for the first time I will comment here, for what it is worth.

Iraq is a mistake.

I said that from day one.

It is not worth American lives.

That is the first political statement I have made, and you have the honor of seeing it on your blog first!

I want to see a sane energy policy which in my mind is Nukes and electric cars.

Take care.

Connecticut Man1 said...

Please what "regressive ideas"?

I am guessing that you don't really pay much attention to what you write?

And Iraq was not simply a mistake.It was lie upon lie, and so-called conservatives that refuse to acknowledge this fact and call for the appropriate actions, IMPEACHMENT, are no less wingnutty than the neoconservatives.

They are all traitors... Any honest Reagan Republican would accept that fact.

Remarks on Signing the Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982. Excerpt from the speech delivered by Ronald Reagan:

"Whether you work in Langley or a faraway nation, whether your tasks are in operations or analysis sections, it is upon your intellect and integrity, your wit and intuition that the fate of freedom rests for millions of your countrymen and for many millions more all around the globe.…

Like those who are part of any silent service, your sacrifices are sometimes unappreciated; your work is sometimes misunderstood. Because you’re professionals, you understand and accept this. But because you’re human and because you deal daily in the dangers that confront this nation, you must sometimes question whether some of your countrymen appreciate the value of your accomplishments, the sacrifices you make, the dangers you confront, the importance of the warnings that you issue.

And that’s why I have come here today; first, to sign an important piece of legislation that bears directly on your work, an act of Congress whose overwhelming passage by the representatives of the American people is a symbol of their support for the job that you do every day. But even more than this, I’ve come here today to say to you what the vast majority of Americans would say if they had this opportunity to stand here before you. We’re grateful to you. We thank you. We’re proud of you."

If you support the treachery of rove, armitage, cheney, bush and libby than I hold nothing but contempt for you. The potential dangers that these leakers have exposed networks of agents to, and the security risks they have caused for our nation is nothing less than an act of treason.

Yep! Treason...
Reagan is calling y'all on it from his grave there bushies.

But is there more?
Well, yes there is... Here ya go:

"The Congress has carefully drafted this bill so that it focuses only on those who would transgress the bounds of decency; not those who would exercise their legitimate right of dissent. This carefully drawn act recognizes that the revelation of the names of secret agents adds nothing to legitimate public debate over intelligence policy. It is also a signal to the world that while we in this democratic nation remain tolerant and flexible, we also retain our good sense and our resolve to protect our own security and that of the brave men and women who serve us in difficult and dangerous intelligence assignments.

During the debate over this bill, some have suggested that our focus should be not on protecting our own intelligence agencies, but on the real or imagined abuses of the past. Well, I'm glad that counsel was rejected, for the days of such abuses are behind us. The Congress now shares the responsibility of guarding against any transgression, and I have named a new Intelligence Oversight Board and Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board to assist me in ensuring that the rule of law is maintained in areas which must remain secret and out of the normal realm of public scrutiny.

Beyond this, I have full confidence that you'll do your job vigorously and imaginatively while making sure that your activity is lawful, constitutional, and in keeping with the traditions of our way of life. And while you're at your job and while I'm President and while these Congressmen stand at watch, we'll work together to see to it that this powerful tool of government is used to advance, not abuse, the rights of free people."

"The Great Accumulator" (you know? All of that debt Reagan ran up, silly!) must have had his astrologer working overtime that day...

Anonymous said...

You clearly are ranting for the sake of having someone to rant at.

I never commented on impeachment. Evidently "impeachment" is a trigger word for you.

I post about Marx and you rant on about a totally different subject.

This discourse has ended.

But any way as one father to another, enjoy your baby and congrads. I suspect you'll be posting a lot less.

Word of advice, baby sleeps you sleep. Someone offers to babysit and give you a break, take it. If you trust them of course.

Connecticut Man1 said...

If I were ranting there would be a hella lot more cussin' goin' on. You do realize that this Blog is probably about 75% snark?

Thank you for the advice on kids. And no, I am not being snarky on that... This is our 4th little liberal, and we may actually be starting to get the hang of it. Fortunately our oldest is our baby sitter. At 15, she is already like a second Mom to the others.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you posted that.

I didn't know you had older children. Your profile says student so I just assumed.

Unfortunately I don't have an older child at home. So I am jealous.

You probably have the routine down pat. But that doesn't make it easier!

They are truly amazing little things and a never ending source of wonderment. Something you don't truly understand till you have one.


Connecticut Man1 said...

I am a part time student using up my Montgomery GI Bill. Though, I had taken the last year off from school... I was planning on continuing this fall, but I may put that off for another 6 months.