217 Years, Over 1 Million Lives Saved!

Happy Birthday to the Coast Guard:

The US Coast Guard is 217 years old today and they figure they have saved more than 1 Million people in that time....

After reviewing old log books and records dating back nearly to 1790, when Congress created the 10-boat fleet that would eventually become the Coast Guard, the agency concluded that it has saved at least 1,109,310 lives.

Here is a video of some of the things these guys do to help keep us safe:
"U S Coast Guard VIDEO: Since 1790, The Coast Guard has rescued thousands of mariners in distress. This is the Top Ten Rescue videos of all-time. These videos were rated both on the significance of each particular case, as well as the dramatic footage of the rescues."

It takes a lot of courage to do what they do every day...

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