How Enlightened is Connecticut?

How enlightened is Connecticut when it comes to saving electricity by doing something as simple as changing from incandescent to fluorescent light bulbs?

Those numbers look pretty good, right? Think again...

Our state is ranked 40th in the USA in this simplest of actions to help the earth's environment.

When it comes to saving money on our electric bills and being enlightened about green issues Connecticut is looking like a bunch of dimwits.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, there is a real problem with these compact fluorescent bulbs. They all contain mercury, a deadly poison.
If, as expected, discarded bulbs end up in landfills, serious contamination will occur.
We need to rethink this approach.
You can do a web search on this. There are many articles available using the terms "flourescent bulb mercury", for example.
[Googling is harmful to your privacy.]


Connecticut Man1 said...

Firstly, many stores are starting recycling programs for the CFL bulbs they sell to keep the mercury out of landfills. Second, the huge amounts of mercury put into the atmosphere by the energy producers are cut drastically.

It is an issue, but one that they are trying to deal with responsibly.

Anonymous said...

Atmospheric release does not create concentrations of mercury the way landfill disposal will. Ever notice how landfills tend to be located near marshes or other wetlands, because these areas were considered useless swamps. Perfect for seepage into the groundwater.
Maybe if there's a deposit on the bulbs people might bring them back. Otherwise, into the trash stream they go.
Get serious - people are slobs.

Connecticut Man1 said...

Good point on the deposit there. Americans do have a tendency to be money driven.