Armed terrorists licensed to visit nukular weapon sites

Fucking clueless preznit:
"I have a great idea. Let's give folks licenses to run around nukular weapon sites with guns... Just don't mention it to the ter'rists."
Free Dumb... And bush wants to spread it everywhere. Even a card carrying NRA gun lovin', GOP ass-feeding conservatard has to have a problem with the complete and total annihilation of logic in the preznit's most recent Royally fucked up Decree:
Although the order explicitly covers national forests, wildlife refuges and range lands, it also applies to all federal agencies that have a measurable effect on land management, such as military bases and nuclear weapon reservations. These federal agencies must now evaluate the effect of [their] actions on trends in hunting participation [and] consider the economic and recreational value of hunting in agency actions.
We already knew that bush would ensure that our enemies are always well armed...

American officers acknowledge that it is arming some groups that are suspected to have been involved in American attacks as well as link to Al Qaeda. Some American officers maintain they are simply arming both sides of a civil war.

"With an American troop drawdown increasingly likely in the next year, and little sign of a political accommodation between Shiite and Sunni politicians in Baghdad, the critics say, there is a risk that any weapons given to Sunni groups will eventually be used against Shiites," reports the Times. "There is also the possibility the weapons could be used against the Americans themselves."

How else is he to be assured of endless war?

But now bush feels that they need more armed access to sensitive US targets in our country. And, sadly, there is still a slim minority out there that can stand by this idiot and his equally asinine GOP party. Republicans are a freakin' Homeland Security nightmare.

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