Hey Murphy! Dodd Needs A Friendly Hand

clammyc at ePluribus Media thinks that Democratic party Presidential campaign hopeful and Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd needs some help from some friends in the House:

Follow through, or don't even bother investigating

Investigations are nice. Investigations are warranted. Threats are also good, especially when there has been no indication of compliance or cooperation for years. But, toothless investigations and threats of the "just wait until your father gets home" variety aren't going to do much other than waste time, energy and resources.

Actually, I take that back - it will also (1) piss off those who demand accountability because we see the toothless threats time and again and are getting tired of it and (2) give fodder to those on the right who accuse the Democrats of partisan witch hunts or "playing politics".

Before you dismiss the second point above - just remember who controls the message.

The other day, Senator Dodd, a Presidential candidate who I am liking more and more, had the following to say about impeaching Gonzales:

"Alberto Gonzales - I gotta tell you, if your question would have been just about Alberto Gonzales, I would've been a little less secure in my answer to you," said Dodd, who said he didn't support pursuing impeachment of Bush or Cheney. "The president and vice president of the United States, I just don't want to go down that road. Gonzales - I'm open to you convincing me that this is one we might want to move on."

Now, as much as I am liking Dodd more and more, this is just an unbelievable statement. He is open to being convinced about impeaching Gonzales???? A man who is an attorney (and supposedly bound by a professional code of ethics) and is caught lying time and time again. To Congress. The nation's TOP attorney, who either can't get a handle on the most basic as well as the most controversial high profile things going on in his own Justice Department, or who is pulling the strings and lying about it. A man who crafted the support for torture. And lord knows what else.

Before anyone says that impeachment comes from the House and he can only vote to convict, I say that I am sure that Dodd has many friends in the House and as someone who is running for President, should be able to take a leadership role here in forcing the issue.

I think he may be talking to people like you, Rep. Chris Murphy...

If your party hasn't got the leadership skills needed to protect the Constitution now, while you control both the Senate and the House in Congress, than why the hell would we ever give any of you the keys to the White House?

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