The Iraq Blame Game

And in the Iraqi Blame we have today's contestants:

The Pentagon blames al-Maliki:
"In its required quarterly report on security, political and economic developments in Iraq, covering the February-May period, the Pentagon also raised questions about Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's ability to fulfill a pledge made in January to prohibit political interference in security operations and to allow no safe havens for sectarian militias."

Joe neocon Lieberman blames Iran:
"Having fallen for the Iranian plot to gain control over Iraq, Lieberman now seeks to undo the damage by invading Iran. He is apparently unaware of public warnings that key Shiite leaders in Iraq would take up arms again in support of their co-religionists across the border."

Bill O'Liely blames CNN and MSNBC for reporting on Iraq:
"They’re not doing it to inform anybody about anything. The terrorists are going to set off a bomb every day because they know CNN and MSNBC are going to put it on the air. That’s a strategy for the other side. The terrorist side. So I’m taking an argument that CNN and MSNBC are actually helping the terrorists by reporting useless explosions."

Tony Snow blames the successful plan in place:
"During his press briefing yesterday, White House spokesman Tony Snow said the increasing chaos was a positive sign. The new levels of attacks “fit a pattern that we see throughout the region,” he said, “which is that when you see things moving towards success, or when you see signs of success, that there are acts of violence.”"

The White House blames high expectations:
"A September progress report on the U.S. troop increase in Iraq that President George W. Bush called an important moment for his war strategy is unlikely to be a "pivotal" assessment, officials now say.

Amid unrelenting bloodshed in Iraq and scant signs of progress by the Iraqi government in meeting political benchmarks, the White House sought to temper expectations of a rapid strides resulting from a security crackdown begun at the start of this year."

Bush blames Al Qaeda:
""I join Iraq's leaders in calling on all Iraqis to refrain from acts of vengeance and reject Al-Qaeda's scheme to sow hatred among the Iraqi people and to instead join together in fighting Al-Qaeda as the true enemy of a free and secure Iraq," said Bush, one of several US officials to blame Al-Qaeda."

But nobody, not in the failed bush administration, or the November '06 castrated GOP party, nor any of their few cheerleading supporters that remain, nobody blames the collosal failure of the actual policies that these neocon incompetents have put in place...

Nobody except Jon Stewart:

What a great idea! The idiots are making sure that everyone in Iraq has plenty of weapons to use in the middle of a civil war, while simultaneously adding more American soldiers to the mix for the Iraqi's target practice.

Now... Just who wins in this game? It sure isn't America or US soldiers.

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