Here is a Recipe for Disaster

Armed Residents On Patrol In New Haven

Determined to keep their neighborhood safe, some neighborhood men said they are forced to patrol themselves.

"We informed police that we're going to be doing armed patrols," said Avi Hack, one of the participants.

As if anyone needs to point out the obvious:
"Their presence on the street is a good idea, but the weapons, I don't think they should be carrying. I don't think they need them, really," said Tom Benson, a resident.

Residents patrolling GOOD! Neighborhood watch programs and volunteer foot patrols have proven effective time and time again.

But weapons in the hands of citizens that are not professionally trained and certified in how to deal with stopping criminals... OUTRAGEOUSLY FREAKIN' STUPID! Let me know when one of these yahoos accidentally kills an innocent bystander. I'll send them an "I told ya so!" letter so they'll have something to read while they are in jail.


a rose is a rose said...

i'm with you connecticut man! perhaps now that the guardian angels have volunteered to patrol (UNARMED)as well, the bike ridin' gun totin' dudes will unarm.

i pray to the great goddess this is so

Connecticut Man 1 said...

That is what I am hoping for too. The Guardian Angels have had their share of problems in the past, but I don't think they have ever shot anyone? lol