Chris Shays Opposite World

According to tparty at MLN:
Lurita Doan, administrator of the General Services Administration, testified in front of Rep. Waxman's oversight committee in the House this past Wednesday.

Despite the fact that the White House's own investigator has called on her to be fired for her violation of the Hatch Act (specifically, trying to use her office to help GOP Senate candidates), and despite her conveniently horrible memory in a hearing earlier this spring, the decreasingly sane Chris Shays insisted on claiming she was being treated unfairly by the committee, not because she clearly violated the law, or because she refused to testify forthrightly... but because of her race:

SHAYS: Ms. Doan, I think you're a remarkable person. I think you're a beautiful person. I regret that you've been treated the way that you've been treated....

...You know what? I just want to thank you for your service. I hope it doesn't discourage other people like you to get into this. And I will say this to you, I find it -- and this is my own view -- but I find it when an African-American happens to be a Republican, somehow she is treated differently by Congress, and unfairly so.

He even quoted Thurgood Marshall in defense of Doan:

They talk about it being an interrogation. We had, last week, a Democratic member say, I have a lot of questioning, but I have to say that, after being here for 11 years, I hate it when witnesses are attacked. It bothers me, particularly when they are trying to do the best they can, in the words of Thurgood Marshall, "with what they have."

Full transcript of Shays' comments during the hearing below the fold.

Meanwhile... What was really happening to female minorities at the DoJ?

Can't say I'm surprised exactly.

According to a 2005 complaint submitted to the DOJ's inspector general's office, voter suppression kingpin Bradley Schlozman was purging female minority lawyers from the appellate section of the Civil Rights Division -- each of whom had been hired under Democratic administrations -- and replacing them with what he called "Good Americans".

-- Josh Marshall

Welcome to Chris Shays' opposite world... Where every republican is a blameless victim of everyone else that catches them lying.

Just a little update to be clear on exactly what Doan will be charged with:

Doan has violated the Hatch Act, among many other serious charges, and Chris Shays better pull his partisan head out of his petrified bushy ass and start calling Doan out for what she is.

Are you man enough to take responsibility for your party's actions, Shays? And quit playing the victim card... It is so obvious to everyone.

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